So PlayBook 2.0 is finally upon us and it brings some functionalities which the tech press was complaining were missing at launch (PIM), but is it the update you were waiting for?

It’s not for me… Lack of a dlna player, security features (for everybody, not just BES users) and a browser that supports extensions means that it can only be used in a corporate environment.

I don’t think my use cases are that unusual…

– Picking a show to watch from my library, without having to transfer it to the tablet

– PIM stuff (looks amazing on 2.0) if my data is protected (sadly it’s not)

– Browsing the net, if I can control the environment and block ads, scripts, etc. It’s especially important with a mobile device with limited hardware and network capabilities.

– Use a VPN when I’m connecting to a hotspot

– Use apps that help me get the job done. Luckily, I can build my own…

RIM is pushing games big time and I couldn’t care less about that, but I understand that it’s a big reason why people buy other tablets: they have kids and cats.


DISCLAIMER: I have not played with the final version of OS 2.0, so I’m making a judgement based on what was publicly shown.

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