Let’s face it. The most popular smartphones on the market today are loved for their fun and useful features, not because they protect your privacy. They were not designed with security in mind, even though they hold so much information about an individual or an organization. And it’s worse if you jailbreak it in order to be able to customise it.
Some security researchers say all smartphones are vulnerable to malware and this could lead to identity theft, among other things. And it’s true, even though BlackBerrys offer better protection than iPhones (no sandbox) or Androids (no review system), it’s still possible to trick a user to go visit an infected website that could help leak information.

Choose your smartphone and the content you will put on it wisely. Treat everything that is on it as public information or just remove data you’d rather not see fall in the wrong hands, whomever they may belong to 🙂

Guardian article about malware:

Guardian article about how easy it is to steal your data if you leave the Wifi on your phone constantly on:

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