Well, well, well. Look what we have here…Apple is finally publishing some guidelines about the way iOS apps are screened (but it’s still two-faced since it doesn’t follow the rules yet) in order to seduce developers again and to avoid antitrust actions…

The way Apple sees the typical user of its products couldn’t be described better than The Register : “In Apple’s paternalistic world, you’re an unsophisticated child, unable to make your own decisions. It’s not up to you to decide what you want. Apple will take care of that for you”. The good news for users that don’t want to jailbreak their phones is that Apple is being forced to make some changes due to being under investigation for its anti-competitive behaviour.

Also, Android has been making a killing since the beginning of the year and Apple better play nice with developers if it wants to keep growing, because 2011 will be a tough year for the Cupertino based company and it will need more than streaming boxes and Social networking addons to iTunes to please customers.

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