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Finally a TV revolution…Google knows, not Apple


So, earlier this month, Apple released a new Apple TV. It’s just a streamer, nothing new, there are tons of them out there. It’s a cute box (ooooh!), it’s tiny (aaaah!), but that’s it.

I’ve been waiting for a good set top box for a while now, because let’s face it, the ones from Virgin or Sky are rubbish. They’re slow and cumbersome to use.

Looks like Google is finally going to release a TV revolution, letting users easily find interesting content to watch in seconds, not minutes. You control the device with a keyboard or your phone, simple as that.

More details about the new Logitech box that includes Google TV here.

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Ars Technica: “Android 2.2 demolishes iOS4 in JavaScript benchmarks”


Google was very proud when it announced the latest release of its Mobile OS back in May, mentioning the huge improvements made to the Javascript engine, but then Apple announced their latest OS and people expected some improvements in the browsing department.

Now, Ars Technica has published the results of their tests and the Android phones‘ browser is making a killing. iOS doesn’t stand a chance.


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