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Use Phereo to publish your 3D pictures


If you have a 3D phone or 3D camera, check out Phereo. It’s a website and an app that allow you to easily share your 3D shots.

[3dpix id=4f1175ed3785017728000010 width=500 height=300 mode=anaglyph]

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We need a better ‘friends’ management system


Neither Facebook nor Google got the ‘friends’ management system right…
It’s too much hassle to manage lists, circles and whatnot.

Google has to move to a concentric circles system.
Family at the centre, then friends, then acquaintances, then following.
You wouldn’t need to choose multiple groups to share with or put people in more than one groups. Viewing rights would trickle down.

And you could create communities the same way, with admins in the centre, then publishers and finally viewers.

Then if some people belong to multiple concentric circles, then you would need to manage that, unless Google adds the much needed functionality of subscribing to public circles.

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Checkout the UK snow map, built in real-time, based on tweets


Here is the official description of the service:

“This app searches Twitter for real-time snow reports and displays them on the map.

Tweet the hashtag #uksnow, your location(postcode, town name or geotag your tweet), and rate the snow that is falling out of ten (0/10 for nothing – 10/10 for a blizzard).

You can also include the depth of snow (cm or inches), attach a photo and add a description to your tweet.”

Here is an example: #uksnow N4 7/10 80cm – Can’t open the door

Got to to see the result

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Share Your Colour Ideas & Inspiration


I found the colourlovers website interesting :).
There are some beautiful patterns on there and it’s the perfect site to share and explore.

CHROMAom describes it like this:
“COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns”.


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