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Antennagate: All that Apple managed to achieve at its press conference is to irritate other manufacturers


So…Apple is deleting all discussion threads about the antenna issue and still denies any problems with their design, even though, they started to try to hire antenna designers just before the official launch and they’re now giving away for free a rubber band to fix the non-issue.

On stage, this past Friday, Father Jobs, tried to convince its followers that the reception issue was in line with what people were experiencing with devices from other manufacturers, but the press and Consumer Reports didn’t buy it. Here is how Dave Nanian summarized the event: “So, in sum: there is no problem, all phones have this no problem, a case fixes this no problem, free case to fix your no problem. Got it!”

Somebody else didn’t buy it, the manufacturers that were dragged into Apple’s problem by Jobs. RIM, Nokia and HTC have all issued statements that they had designed antennas for long enough to know what they were doing.

At the end of the day, it’s just a phone (just not a very good one, more like a 3G iPod) and everybody is free to not buy it or return it (minus 10%) if they don’t like it. If it works for you and adds value to your life, then enjoy 🙂

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First glimpse at the OS that will be found on top-of-the-range Nokia smartphones later this year: Meego


We’ve seen the Nokia N8 and N9, both running Symbian^3 which is years behind the competition.

We’ve seen the N900, which is a computer running Maemo OS that fits in the pocket and that can make phone calls (just like the iPhone is an iPod that can make phone calls ;)),

We’ve heard about Meego coming to Nokia smartphones later this year

Now we can take a look at what the UI on a Nokia smartphone could look like

It’s not beautiful yet, it’s not smooth, but it’s a pretty good start 🙂

The problem for Nokia is that its Meego handset will face tough competition from devices running Android 3.0 when it will finally get released…Will developers prefer to develop applications using C++ & QT or Java?

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Yes, you can hold a Nokia, Blackberry or Android device any way you like without dropping the phone or the call


It’s no news that Apple’s iPhone 4 has tons of problems and was even considered for a recall. Regarding the loss of signal due to poor hardware design, Steve jobs got involved and told users that there was a special way to hold the Jesus phone.

Nokia is taking this opportunity for having a laugh and showing consumers that they can hold their Nokia phones, any way they like:

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