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by Srinivas Arnepalli

We need innovators, not litigators. It’s time to #boycottapple.


by Srinivas ArnepalliApple has been losing ground for the past few months in the mobile space, simply because most fans have upgraded to the 4S or are waiting for the next big thing, coming this autumn, and the rest are getting better phones made by HTC, Samsung, Google, etc.

So what does Apple do while users wait for the iPhone 5? It tries to get phones made by Samsung banned from entering the US using silly software patents which are only awarded in the US. The goal is to prevent user from upgrading now and to get them to wait.

Apple feel especially threatened by the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is making a killing throughout the world, so it has asked US courts to ban a few of Samsung latest devices.

This move got a lot of people angry, not only Apple haters and a #boycottapple tag has been created to spread the word.


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New study reveals developers are as lazy as the rest of the human race…


Yes, developers still prefer to develop for iOS, despite the fact that it’s not the most popular OS out there, because even though Objective-C is terrible, it’s easy enough to learn for beginners and Apple sells you tools which make it a breeze to turn ideas into apps. The entry fee is quite high since you need to buy a Mac, some software and a developer license, but it seems to be worth it for hobbyists.

People who enjoy coding and like a challenge will favour Java (Android / BlackBerry) and HTML5 which isn’t a 2nd class citizen on all platforms.

This post was triggered by yet another useless post on BGR 😉

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24% of iPhone users in the UK are too broke to fix it when they break the screen


24% of iPhone users in the UK are too broke to fix it when they break the screen. Probably because it cost so much to buy and use…they couldn’t even afford a case to protect it.
More interestingly, 57% of iPhone users in the UK break the screen at some point (most within the first three month), regardless or whether they have a case or not. Talk about a horrible design for a phone ;).
More figures on PC Advisor

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Be careful about what you install on a Mac laptop, you may allow a remote attacker to blow it up, literally…


Apple has finally released an OS with security features on par with what other companies are doing, but there are some serious problems with their sexy hardware. They’ve been lazy and careless and the chip that controls the battery can be operated using the default password. That’s bad security practice!

Charlie Miller, a security researcher has demonstrated that it was possible to drain the battery, make it unusable and thinks it’s possible to make it explode.
He will be releasing a solution/patch next month at the Black hat convention.

Article on Forbes: Apple Laptops Vulnerable To Hack That Kills Or Corrupts Batteries

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Video introducing Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread


Here is what you need to know about the new Android version introduced today

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