It’s been a pretty bad quarter for Apple, PR wise, if we don’t look at products launches. I’m sure it won’t turn iSheeps into Androids, but it’s still pretty interesting to follow what they’re doing:

  1. Litigation: Apple is getting more and more aggressive in its use of its ridiculous patents which should never have been awarded in the first place. A good thing for consumers that most of Apple’s attempts in the US have failed.
  2. Environment: Apple’s product are becoming increasingly difficult to service and recycle and thus are less and less “green”. For this reason, Apple has decided to pull off their products from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry. This prevents many large corporations and US governmental agencies from ordering Apple products, but may be more lucrative for Apple who might sell more AppleCare subscriptions to consumers.
  3. Working conditions: Despite having found illegal working conditions and endemic abuses in its factories and having pledged to fix the situation and obey the law, it seems nothing has changed at Apple’s factories, according to a report by titled “Beyond Foxconn : Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply Chain”.



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