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Google Nexus 7 starts shipping in the UK!


It’s the perfect tablet for the Olympics!
It’s portable, powerful and cheap!


PC World





– NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core
– 1GB RAM + 16GB Flash
– 7″ IPS Touch + Wifi
– Camera + Bluetooth
– Free £15 Google Play Credit
– Android 4.1


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Apple uses iSheeps in legal battle / Google may be rigging online ads


Interesting day…

Apple uses iSheeps with no relevant knowledge as experts in its ongoing legal battle against Samsung [FOSS patents]

Google may be rigging online ads and “may be responsible for at least four classes of antitrust violations” in the EU [RWW]

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We need a better ‘friends’ management system


Neither Facebook nor Google got the ‘friends’ management system right…
It’s too much hassle to manage lists, circles and whatnot.

Google has to move to a concentric circles system.
Family at the centre, then friends, then acquaintances, then following.
You wouldn’t need to choose multiple groups to share with or put people in more than one groups. Viewing rights would trickle down.

And you could create communities the same way, with admins in the centre, then publishers and finally viewers.

Then if some people belong to multiple concentric circles, then you would need to manage that, unless Google adds the much needed functionality of subscribing to public circles.

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Google warns you that importing your contacts into Facebook is a trap :D


Hold on a second. Are you super sure you want to import your contact information for your friends into a service that won’t let you get it out?

That’s how Google starts its warning message to users that are stupid enough to import their Gmail contacts into Facebook.

It’s been war between Google and Facebook these past couple of days and it’s interesting to see Google taking a playful approach to the problem.

Read the whole message on Gmail.

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Google Voice has made it to the appstore. Finally Apple is getting more competitive


I’ve reported before that Apple was starting to feel the heat from Google and decided to relax their zany Appstore rules.
Now there is proof ;). Google Voice made it :).
If only Apple could drop the bloated iTunes now and make a proper phone, that would make 2011 interesting 🙂

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