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We need a better ‘friends’ management system


Neither Facebook nor Google got the ‘friends’ management system right…
It’s too much hassle to manage lists, circles and whatnot.

Google has to move to a concentric circles system.
Family at the centre, then friends, then acquaintances, then following.
You wouldn’t need to choose multiple groups to share with or put people in more than one groups. Viewing rights would trickle down.

And you could create communities the same way, with admins in the centre, then publishers and finally viewers.

Then if some people belong to multiple concentric circles, then you would need to manage that, unless Google adds the much needed functionality of subscribing to public circles.

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The Facebook privacy manual / Manuel de la vie privée sur Facebook


It can be daunting to try and make the right changes to one’s privacy settings in Facebook, but thanks to Angela Alcorn, it’s now easier to navigate through the maze of settings with the help of this guide.

Pour tout ceux qui se sentent intimidés par toutes ces pages de paramètres à régler pour protéger sa vie privée, ce guide d’Angela Alcor est pour vous 🙂


This guide is not exactly new (October 2010), but you usually have to go through some registration system to get it, so I thought I would just give you the download links right away.

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The “Facebook Doesn’t Own My Friends” Chrome extension lets you export your friends’ data


From the description on the website:

Facebook Doesn’t Own My Friends is a Chrome extension to export your Facebook friends’ contact data.

Despite what Facebook says, if someone is your “friend” and you can see his/her email address on his/her Facebook info, they are probably OK with you emailing them.

Facebook doesn’t let you export this data, so they expect you to click on each of your friends’ pages, copy their email address (or other contact information), and paste it into your email client. Kind of ridiculous? Yes.

Facebook Doesn’t Own My Friends will let you export all (or some) of your friends’ contact info, to CSV or directly to your Google Contacts (GMail).”

Get it here

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Google warns you that importing your contacts into Facebook is a trap :D


Hold on a second. Are you super sure you want to import your contact information for your friends into a service that won’t let you get it out?

That’s how Google starts its warning message to users that are stupid enough to import their Gmail contacts into Facebook.

It’s been war between Google and Facebook these past couple of days and it’s interesting to see Google taking a playful approach to the problem.

Read the whole message on Gmail.

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Yet another story about Facebook violating your rights


A lawsuit has been filed in the US against Facebook, because the social network leaked personally identifiable information to advertisers.

In the information sent to advertisers when you click on an ad, there are things like your username and your real name…

Read the complaint HERE.

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