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Apple is trying to maximise their profits at all costs (patents abuse, green label removal, deplorable working conditions)


It’s been a pretty bad quarter for Apple, PR wise, if we don’t look at products launches. I’m sure it won’t turn iSheeps into Androids, but it’s still pretty interesting to follow what they’re doing:

  1. Litigation: Apple is getting more and more aggressive in its use of its ridiculous patents which should never have been awarded in the first place. A good thing for consumers that most of Apple’s attempts in the US have failed.
  2. Environment: Apple’s product are becoming increasingly difficult to service and recycle and thus are less and less “green”. For this reason, Apple has decided to pull off their products from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry. This prevents many large corporations and US governmental agencies from ordering Apple products, but may be more lucrative for Apple who might sell more AppleCare subscriptions to consumers.
  3. Working conditions: Despite having found illegal working conditions and endemic abuses in its factories and having pledged to fix the situation and obey the law, it seems nothing has changed at Apple’s factories, according to a report by titled “Beyond Foxconn : Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply Chain”.



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by Srinivas Arnepalli

We need innovators, not litigators. It’s time to #boycottapple.


by Srinivas ArnepalliApple has been losing ground for the past few months in the mobile space, simply because most fans have upgraded to the 4S or are waiting for the next big thing, coming this autumn, and the rest are getting better phones made by HTC, Samsung, Google, etc.

So what does Apple do while users wait for the iPhone 5? It tries to get phones made by Samsung banned from entering the US using silly software patents which are only awarded in the US. The goal is to prevent user from upgrading now and to get them to wait.

Apple feel especially threatened by the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is making a killing throughout the world, so it has asked US courts to ban a few of Samsung latest devices.

This move got a lot of people angry, not only Apple haters and a #boycottapple tag has been created to spread the word.


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Apple essaie de combler son retard en matière de sécurité…


Bonne nouvelle pour ceux qui utilisent des Macs à la maison! La sécurité sur OSX va enfin être à la hauteur de Windows dès la prochaine version qui sortira cet automne.

Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, les Macs c’est la cata au niveau sécurité. Apple a toujours été mauvais élève dans ce domaine, mais avait réussi jusqu’à peu à éviter d’attirer l’attention des créateurs de virus et autres voleur d’identité parce qu’il y a très peu de mac utilisés dans le monde.
Tout cela a changé dernièrement et Apple essaie de rattraper son retard (idem sur iOS).
Notez que même avec la mise à jour, il n’est toujours pas recommandé d’utiliser des parcs de Macs en entreprise. Apple connait mal ce marché.


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Apple’s Siri’s bad for business


We already know that Siri is to be avoided by privacy concious individuals since everything that you do is sent to Apple through the Internet, but some small business owners who allow their employees to use iPhones may not be aware of leaks taking place through a service like Siri.

Businesses should follow IBM’s footsteps and ban Siri.

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Apple uses iSheeps in legal battle / Google may be rigging online ads


Interesting day…

Apple uses iSheeps with no relevant knowledge as experts in its ongoing legal battle against Samsung [FOSS patents]

Google may be rigging online ads and “may be responsible for at least four classes of antitrust violations” in the EU [RWW]

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