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Google Nexus 7 starts shipping in the UK!


It’s the perfect tablet for the Olympics!
It’s portable, powerful and cheap!


PC World





– NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core
– 1GB RAM + 16GB Flash
– 7″ IPS Touch + Wifi
– Camera + Bluetooth
– Free £15 Google Play Credit
– Android 4.1


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PlayBook OS 2.1 beta. Best HTML5 score and best security features for a tablet


RIM’s OS now scores 391 points at and keeps introducing new features. This time it’s the FileSystem API, full device encryption which will make many BlackBerry fans happy and some very welcome enhancement to the Android runtime in order to support more Android apps.

The 2.1 branch is also supposed to be finally plugging  a huge hole developers have been complaining about since launch and which allowed anybody to browse through the code of all apps, looking for things like API keys or just to steal code or to pirate apps.


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Use Phereo to publish your 3D pictures


If you have a 3D phone or 3D camera, check out Phereo. It’s a website and an app that allow you to easily share your 3D shots.

[3dpix id=4f1175ed3785017728000010 width=500 height=300 mode=anaglyph]

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Will new Android 4.0 phones better protect our personal data?


Now that Android 4.0 offers a keychain API, address space layout randomization (ASLR) and full device encryption for phones, I’m really hoping that Android phone manufacturers will start taking data/privacy protection issues seriously and offer something as good as what’s available on a BlackBerry.

It’s not just enterprises that need it. We store more and more information on smartphones and their associated cloud services and this data needs to be protected when at rest. Wiping a device after the device is lost or stolen is not enough. The first thing a thief does is to chuck the SIM card out.

iOS gets a mention for trying, but still fails and Android’s security model has been appalling thus far… so let’s hope 2012 will bring a much needed change.

Here is a list of all the new features of Android 4.0:

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Criminals are having a field day with smartphones built to please and gain market shares


Let’s face it. The most popular smartphones on the market today are loved for their fun and useful features, not because they protect your privacy. They were not designed with security in mind, even though they hold so much information about an individual or an organization. And it’s worse if you jailbreak it in order to be able to customise it.
Some security researchers say all smartphones are vulnerable to malware and this could lead to identity theft, among other things. And it’s true, even though BlackBerrys offer better protection than iPhones (no sandbox) or Androids (no review system), it’s still possible to trick a user to go visit an infected website that could help leak information.

Choose your smartphone and the content you will put on it wisely. Treat everything that is on it as public information or just remove data you’d rather not see fall in the wrong hands, whomever they may belong to 🙂

Guardian article about malware:

Guardian article about how easy it is to steal your data if you leave the Wifi on your phone constantly on:

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