Lovefilm has had an interesting progression. First they were shipping DVDs and Bluerays, which was a good way to watch movies in HD, but that meant planning for it and more often than once, that meant that you would have discs lying around for weeks.

So last year, they started to stream some movies online and on some TVs. That was perfect for impulsive movie watchers. The quality will never be as good as Bluerays, but who cares when you’re going to watch the latest romcom, you can always get them to send you the latest blockbuster via mail. Later on, they even managed to offer the service for the PS3, which means having access to an even larger user base.

Because it became so successful, Amazon had to buy the remaining shares it didn’t already own and I’m glad they did. With their cloud infrastructure, their books and MP3 store, this was the logical next step. They’ll probably expand the service all over Europe and will make lots of film lovers very happy :).

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