Facebook has been in the news for not taking its users privacy seriously enough and some people have started to wonder what type of information about them is “out there”.

If this has been identified as a problem, the next step is for the user to try and prevent too much data about them to leak out and they may be using some super duper plugin in Chrome or Firefox that they think gets rid of all traces of their surfing habits.

More advanced users, have started to use VPNs (you have to if you’re on Wifi and don’t want all your data to be exposed to the world 😉 #hole196) and think they’ll be all right since their IP address is hidden.

They’re all wrong! 😀 It’s not enough.

Just got to https://panopticlick.eff.org and see how unique your fingerprint is.

It doesn’t matter how you’re trying protect your privacy. If the server at the other end is storing a unique signature linked to you, it’ll recognize you next time you pop round.

The solution…Use a virtual environment (VirtualBox is easy to use) and inside, keep the OS’ settings as standard as possible. Add some security and privacy plugins to your browser, but always check that it doesn’t give your identity away.

Once it’s configured, take a snapshot and use it to surf “anonymously”. Always go back to that snapshots. Don’t sync your bookmarks, passwords and what not.

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